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Past Sabbath worship services, including sermons, are posted here.   Click on the date for the service you want to watch.  The sermon title is written after the date, if you are searching by topic or title.  The newest sermon is at the top.  

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April 10, 2021


April 3, 2021     "He Took My Place"   We take a closer look at the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our and the world's Messiah!


March 27, 2021     "From Zero to Hero"    Lynette Schenkel shares a wonderful transformation of a life touched by Jesus Christ!


March 20, 2021   "Celebrate With Jesus"   We take a closer look at the first miracle of Jesus


March 13, 2021     "Loving God, Loving Each Other"    Elder Gary Parks continues to dig into personality styles and share how we can learn to love others who have a different personality than us.


March 6, 20201      "Jesus Breaks Through Barriers"     Jesus broke down barriers of race, social status, religion ... we want to follow His example.


Feb 27, 2021   "Celebrate Recovery"  Amazing testimonies of victory through God's grace!


Feb 20, 2021   "The One Who Cared"  Any 'Good Samaritans' out there?


Feb 13, 2021   "Jesus Christ and a Treasurer"   A life-changing encounter  with far-reaching significance.


Feb 6, 2021   "The Joy of Sabbath Rest"    How to experience God's intention for a joyful Sabbath each week.


Jan 30, 2021      "Only One Burning Bush"    Guest Speaker Elder Gary Parks shares how we are all created in our own personal individuality.


Jan 23, 2021      "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made"   Guest Speaker Robert Yelle, PhD BioChemistry, looks closer at our Creator and His amazing Creation - us.


Jan 16, 2021     "Seek You First....."   Priorities.  Great principles from Jesus for our times.


Jan 9, 2021    "The LORD - the Rock of our Salvation"   In a time of uncertainty, even chaos, we need a firm reference point.  We need to know what and who we can trust.


Jan 2, 2021  "In The Beginning, God..."   Creation - a window into God's character.  Contemplations to start the new year.


Dec 26, 2020     "Jesus, the Savior is Here!"     We celebrate Heaven's wonderful gift of a Savior - and look forward to the coming King!  A special Christmas program.


Dec 19, 2020     "From Fear To Praise"   Join the experience of the shepherds of Bethlehem


Dec 12, 2020   "Angels With Us"    Angels were active around the birth of Christ - how about today??


Dec 5, 2020    "The Savior Is Born"   We are starting to take a closer look at the most amazing gift God shared with us ...


Nov 28, 2020     "Thanksgiving Continues"   How can we continue a spirit of gratitude?


Nov 21, 2020       "Gratitude amidst Trials?    Learn how to give thanks in the midst of trials & challenges.


Nov 14, 2020    "New Life In Christ"    The Christian life, not just a modification, but radical change.


Nov 7, 2020      "The First and The Last"      It matters who is in charge.


Oct 31, 2020      "Pharaoh and God"     Yes, God is in charge... But what is our place in relation to government?


Oct 24, 2020    "Desire for God"     What does my prayer tell me about my relationship with God?


Oct 17, 2020     "Christ In Us .... Hope of Glory"    (Communion Service)


Oct 10, 2020     "My Voice .... My Vote"    As Christians, how do we relate to politics?


Oct 3, 20202   "Home"    Guest Speaker Elder Gary Parks shares  Bible principles for healthy communication to build strong relationships.


Sept 26, 2020    "Breaking Down Barriers - Through Love"   Too many barriers among people; how to break those down and build connections instead.


Sept 19, 2020     "I Believe ... Help My Unbelief!"


Sept 12, 2020    "Safe In His Arms"    Guest Speaker John Boston shares his amazing life story.


Sept 5, 2020     "Always Jesus"    Let's explore together how the gospel of Jesus Christ opens doors to reconciliation.


Aug 29, 2020   "We Have Sinned"    Three of the hardest words to say are "I am sorry", yet what a blessing they bring.


Aug 22, 2020   "The Blessing and Challenge of Diversity"     How to be stronger together!


Aug 15, 2020     "And Jesus Wept"


Aug 8, 2020     "Fear and Trust?!"


Aug 1, 2020


July 25, 2020    "You Are The Christ"